Teacher Spotlight: Meet Beth

Marrebeth Duyag, or Teacher Beth, is a teacher and the principal of Calfungal Elementary School, located in Maasim, Sarangani. She taught at a private school for 12 years, in Blat Integrated School for 1 year, and has been working at Calfungal for 6 years now.

Teacher Beth, despite the difficulties that the education system has faced due to the pandemic and her own personal challenges, continues to do what she does because she believes that teaching is more than an occupation. She sees education as the way for her to help her community and her students to rise up from the adversities they face.

Compassion is love in action. I love my students and my community. I want to help them rise up from their presently difficult situation. Education is the only way for a better and brighter future. Teaching is not just a job for me, but it is a mission.

Because of HOPE, Teacher Beth’s school will finally have a standard classroom for the very first time, after 20 years of requesting a formal school from DepEd.

To date, HOPE has built 116 classrooms and impacted 19,615 students. With your support, HOPE is able to continue to do this and help more people like Teacher Beth who are helping their communities rise up from their situations. Visit our support HOPE page to see how you can make positive changes today.