Philippine Tatler: Nanette Medved-Po Shares HOPE's Progress and Impact to Education and Beyond

Nanette Medved-Po—founder, chairman, and president of the non-profit organisation Generation HOPE—is totally in her element in a remote school outside General Santos, South Cotabato, Mindanao, which has become incredibly meaningful for her of late. “On Mondays, 46 kids walk three hours with one teacher from home to here,” Medved-Po shares. “There used to be only a shed where they would study, then sleep in until Friday, when they would walk the three hours back home. This was a school with no buildings, electricity, or water. Now they have classrooms—and this is the first time for Generation HOPE to build something more than just that.”

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HOPE is the first Philippine company to donate 100% of its profits to education through the building of public school classrooms in partnership with the Department of Education. With its flagship product, "Hope in a Bottle" water, HOPE democratizes nation-building by providing the public with easy and sustainable ways to invest in social good. HOPE continuously aims to demonstrate the power of Business For Good to make material and sustainable social impact.

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