Hope in the time of the pandemic: HOPE supports vaccination centers through Shopee Bayanihan

As millions of Filipinos get vaccinated across the metro, impact company HOPE and e-commerce platform Shopee support front liners and citizens with water and supplies.

Manila, Philippines | July 13, 2020 | Social enterprise HOPE, makers of the bottled water brand Hope in a Bottle, recently partnered with e-commerce platform Shopee to support vaccination centers in Makati City. Founded in 2012, HOPE is the first company that donates 100% of its profits to building public school classrooms in the Philippines, groundbreaking its 116th classroom last March. HOPE has also expanded its impact area to include agriculture programs for coconut farmers in General Santos City and has since impacted over 10,000 farmers distributing over 100,000 coconut seedlings.

In its efforts to also do business for good, Shopee Philippines launched the Shopee Bayanihan program within its platform at the height of the pandemic in 2020 as a payment channel for donations. Through the Shopee Bayanihan program, donations went to several beneficiaries, including front liners, online sellers, and students in rural areas.

This July 2021, Shopee and HOPE announced their partnership to support several vaccination centers across Metro Manila, beginning with Makati City. As an initiative within the Shopee Bayanihan, the Vaccination Center Support, Shopee, and HOPE have since distributed over 1,500 packs of HOPE in a Box to front liners, staff, and Makatizens in three vaccination centers, namely, Fort Bonifacio Elementary School, Benigno Aquino High School, and Makati Coliseum.

“We are proud to be included as one of the Shopee’s partners in their Shopee Bayanihan program. It is important that we continuously support the LGU’s, front liners, and volunteers who have dedicated their time to these vaccination centers, ensuring a safer new normal. HOPE has always been in the business of doing good and continuously seeks like-minded partners like Shopee Philippines to contribute to nation-building.” said Oliver Sicam, Managing Director of GenerationHope, Inc.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee is happy to partner with HOPE to assist the community, the frontliners, and the staff present in these vaccination sites for their time and effort in support of the country's inoculation program. We will continue to develop initiatives like Shopee Bayanihan: Vaccination Center Support to uplift, encourage and support the Filipino people. We are looking forward to working again with HOPE to help the different sectors and local communities in any way we can."

HOPE is among many other organizations that have also supported the vaccination program of Shopee Philippines. After its initiatives in Makati City, Shopee expands to other vaccination sites in Taguig and Quezon City.

The support for the vaccination program is the first of its kind that falls within HOPE’s impact area on relief. Aside from HOPE’s partnership with Shopee, the company also aids communities that have been hit by natural calamities and disasters with clean drinking water. The company takes pledges from the community and coordinates with local governments and partner nonprofits, ensuring a quick response rate and transparency throughout the process.

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