Big Dreams

Roen Jane Maghanoy is a 6th grade student at Pangayawan Elementary School in Gitagum, Misamis Oriental. One day while watching TV, her mother asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She saw on TV that lawyers and accountants lived good lives, and from then on she decided she wanted to be both a lawyer and an accountant. Everyday she would walk to school, and sometimes she would go to school even if she felt sick. As she would put it: “I’ll miss out on getting good grades.”

Pangayawan Elementary School in Gitagum, Misamis Oriental, was built in the 1970s.

Her school, built around the 1970’s and weathered by time, had become rusty and dilapidated. So much so, that it posed a risk to the people it aimed to shelter. As Roen Jane would describe it: “Our old classroom was a bit dangerous.”

Built in 2017, the new classrooms have given the students a renewed hope for a better life.

A school location that’s closer to her home and a classroom with a sturdier and safer structure all contribute to Roen Jane’s feelings about her dreams slowly becoming a reality. “Maganda na po siya [referring to classroom] at may mga gamit na po kami na binigay ng HOPE.”⁣

Roan Jane shares this message to her fellow schoolmates: “Don't stop. Reach for your dreams, because I won’t stop. I know my parents work very hard for me to go to school. I can see all the sacrifices they make for me.”

One classroom impacts hundreds of lives. With 84,000 classrooms that still need to be built, there’s still a long road ahead. By choosing HOPE, you help us get closer to giving a child a chance in having their dream realized; a chance to give HOPE.

You can help build more public school classrooms around the country and help us bring this deficit down.

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