The Philippines lacks a total of 91,000* classrooms.

We’ve been on a mission to close the classroom gap.
With the help of #HOPEHeroes like you, we can turn the tide for 87.76% of the population that relies on public schools to to secure their futures.

*According to an August 2022 report by the Department of Education

With you, HOPE builds

Lack of investment in education reduces the chances for today’s children—and succeeding generations—to meet their full potential.
Your support can transform their future.

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The HOPE Classroom

We believe every Filipino child deserves a safe and comfortable environment where they can grow and learn the skills crucial for a promising future. We work closely with the Department of Education to identify schools with classroom shortages and to ensure that our classroom construction follows the department’s building specifications.


A chalkboard, teacher’s table and wall fans are included in every HOPE build.


Each 7m x 9m classroom is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the areas we build.


We use a cathedral style ceiling and provide bigger windows for better ventilation.


Every HOPE classroom has its own lavatory to promote proper hygiene amongst the students.


A wall outside each classroom is dedicated to our partners who help make our builds possible.

Classroom Build Promise

We work closely with our partners and oversee classroom construction from start to finish for transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

Open Bidding

We conduct open bidding to provide the best value to each location and share the results for public transparency.

Regular Audits

We provide regular, comprehensive build reports to partners and the public to ensure accountability and quality.

Skills transfer & Livelihood

We work with partners to employ builders from the local community, not only to provide livelihood but to upskill the area’s growth.

Drink HOPE,

Our flagship products, Hope in a Bottle and Hope in a Box, are purified bottled water products available in thousands of retailers nationwide. It is the first brand in the Philippines to donate 100% of its profits to the building of public school classrooms.

More Than Just a Classroom

Bagong Silang High School: The Classroom Igniting Dreams

In 2020, we broke ground for our 100th classroom located in Sitiong, Bagong Silang, General Santos City, as part of our continuous program to address the long-standing shortage of public school classrooms in the Philippines.

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Kiaol Elementary School: It Takes a Village

In the Philippines, where access to education continues to be a pressing issue especially in far-flung regions, two newly built HOPE classrooms in Kiaol Elementary School serve as a glimmer of hope to the 107 IP students who all come from the Blaan tribe.

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