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Our Environmental Impact

At HOPE, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and in 2018, we put out an audacious goal to try to process safely 100% of our plastic footprint so that we are doing our part to make sure that post-consumer plastic does not wind up in oceans or in landfills. As we build more classrooms, we continue to commit to being 100% plastic neutral across all HOPE products.

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HOPE offsets its plastic footprint. For all the plastic we use in making all of our products, we collect the equivalent amount of plastic waste and stop these from winding up in landfills and oceans.

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100% Plastic Neutral


We work with the

Plastic Credit Exchange to become a 


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This certification is a global standard for businesses, brands, and products that have taken bold action in offsetting as much plastic as they generate in their packaging. 

The badge communicates our commitment to recover, recycle, and reduce plastic waste according to the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard.

Learn more about our certification.

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Launched in 2018, we were the first to offer a non-plastic alternative to bottled water.


Hope in a Box is made with Tetra Pak, uses sustainably sourced materials, and is fully recyclable.

True to our mission, 100% of its profits builds public school classrooms too!

Hope in a Box

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HOPE Reusable Bottles

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Take HOPE wherever you go with our reusable bottles!

100% of our profits go to building public school classrooms.