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Democratizing investments in social good.

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HOPE was founded in 2012 with one Mission: to provide Filipinos with an easy way to vote with their peso about what was important to them. As an Impact Company, and the country’s 1st B Corp, we put Education at the forefront of our movement, building much needed public school classrooms through the sale of Hope in Bottle water. In 2016, we branched out into Agriculture interventions which would help secure the livelihood for thousands of smallholder farmers through the Hope in a Coconut campaign in partnership with the world’s leading coconut water brands.


Most recently in 2019, we created the Plastic Credit Exchange which works with game changing companies to sustainably neutralize their plastic footprints to promote Environmentally responsible consumption and to make sure that we are working towards a safer, cleaner planet. All of these efforts come together to deliver on what we at HOPE promise – a movement leveraging the power of people to achieve great things Together.


Business for Good.

THE              MISSION

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Business For Good.

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To demonstrate the power

of Business for Good to drive material and sustainable

social impact.

We focus on creating excellent

products that give customers the opportunity to impact lives with every purchase they make.

We inspire people to be more discerning about what they spend on.

HOPE’s impact is possible through the work of Friends of Hope, Inc.,

a non-profit that invests in Education, Environment, and Agriculture initiatives.

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Our Impact Areas

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Watch our founder, Nanette Medved-Po, talk

about how businesses can do good and

make a profit at the same time.

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Watch how one classroom can impact the

lives of thousands of Indigenous People

in a village in General Santos City.

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Our Awards

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Best Community Initiative

and Best New Brand

Global Bottled Water Awards

2015, Zenith International

Grand Winner

Developmental Social Enterprise Awards, 2017, PWC & BCYF

NGO Leadership Award

Philippines NGO's

Leadership Awards 2019

Best CSR Initiative

Global Bottled Water Awards

2020, Zenith International


Shop meaningfully with our full selection of HOPE-branded products. 

Profits from all our products go directly into our classroom building projects.

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Every amount donated to HOPE is used to power our classroom building projects all around the country.

We value accountability above all and document our ongoing projects for donors to see.   


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