Lampa Lapidan Elementary School

Davao City
Students Impacted


In Buhangin, Davao Del Sur, over two hundred students look to the seven classrooms available to them in Lampa Lapidan Elementary School as they attempt to solidify the building blocks of their futures.

Although situated amongst other schools in the area, the elementary school struggles to receive as much support as its neighbours are given, which pushes Lampa Lapidan to strive in finding more ways to build new classrooms to accommodate its students. Alongside a lack of support, the school constantly finds itself caught up in a battle against preconceived notions regarding their alleged status as a Muslim-exclusive school due to the majority of their students belonging to the Muslim community. Simultaneously, the journey to the school grounds also stood as a significant inconvenience to both students and teachers alike.

Despite all this, the endeavour to achieve academic excellence reveals itself as the community of Lampa Lapidan Elementary School keeps their hearts and minds constantly motivated and ready for each new day they face.

Impact Stories

Lampa Lapidan Elementary School’s community can revel in new-found safety and comfort from four new HOPE classrooms donated by SEDA Hotels and UCC Coffee. As of 2021, more than 800 students have enriched their minds with new spacious buildings that provide shelter, comfort, and new opportunities to learn for the young Filipino minds at Lampa Lapidan. Through onsite and online learning, students and teachers remain motivated as they pursue knowledge and education inside the HOPE classrooms. With new areas to use as classrooms and playgrounds, students can enjoy learning and preparing themselves for the evolution of their futures.

Made Possible by:

Year Built: 2016
School Principal: Marife Maynabay
Contact Information:
Contractor: Clean Makers Construction Services
Total Project Cost: ₱2,165,037.60

*Inclusive of construction costs and expenses related to: Project management and quality assurance including managing contractor bids and travel for on-site inspections; Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for impact data collection and reporting, including gathering and generating content; Facilitation & processing of all tax certificates, donation documentation, filing and acceptance with DepEd’s Adopt-a-School program.

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