Lagao 2nd Barrio Site Elementary School

Students Impacted


Lagao 2nd Barrion Site Elementary School in General Santos is home to a hefty number of 1,670 students. Due to this abundance of pupils, the school was bursting at the seams; there were only four classrooms for Grades 1, 2, 4, and 6. Even with the availability of these classrooms, they were still improvised using the eaves of other classrooms. There is one classroom solely dedicated to Grade 5 students, but even then it’s an unfinished one built through Brigada Eskwela in 2018. The school currently has 29 working classrooms, three of which were made possible through HOPE’s program.

Impact Stories

With the help of HOPE and VitaCoco, two additional classrooms were built with the objective of creating an environment conducive to learning for all students from Grades 7 to 9. Another two classrooms were built prior to these ones; they were put up as a school-inclusion feeding program. Solar power equipment and rainwater collection systems were also installed in order to efficiently utilize all resources possible. 

Before HOPE came into the picture, it was not uncommon for students and teachers to come into school with wet feet due to the rain. Now, they can freely enjoy playing B’laan instruments and songs together. Thanks to the electricity HOPE has provided, they are now able to watch movies and performances. They express their gratitude: “Kulang po yung words na sobrang saya namin.” The classrooms serve as catalysts for the preservation of B’laan culture and boost the confidence and integrity of the tribal community. They can proudly say that they–whose way of life is looked down upon by many–can compete globally through their new classrooms. 

The impact that the organization has had on the community is nothing short of remarkable. The classrooms double as safe spaces and sources of comfort where students and teachers can work hand in hand to build their very own version of hope.  

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Made Possible by:

Year Built: 2019
School Principal: Virna Paeldonia
Contact Information:
Contractor: Oyson Construction & Engineering Services
Total Project Cost: ₱1,847,577.60

*Inclusive of construction costs and expenses related to: Project management and quality assurance including managing contractor bids and travel for on-site inspections; Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for impact data collection and reporting, including gathering and generating content; Facilitation & processing of all tax certificates, donation documentation, filing and acceptance with DepEd’s Adopt-a-School program.

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