Fye Falel Indigenous People School

Students Impacted


Fye Falel Indigenous People School is situated in the most far flung barangay of Malungon, Sarangani. They used to have no standard classrooms. Instead, they made do with improvised structures made out of a combination of galvanized iron sheets and coco lumber. Now, they have two working classrooms, one of which was built by HOPE. 

The student population of 65 is 100% from the B’laan community. They utilize a multi-grade classroom system wherein one teacher handles two grade levels at the same time. Before Fye Falel, students found commuting to the nearest classroom too much of a hassle, as it took enduring a motorcycle ride on the edge of the mountains.

Made Possible by:

Year Built: 2017
School Principal: Rose Marie Daquigan
Contact Information: rosemarie.daquigan@deped.gov.ph
Contractor: Clean Makers Construction Services
Total Project Cost: ₱971,311.00

*Inclusive of construction costs and expenses related to: Project management and quality assurance including managing contractor bids and travel for on-site inspections; Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for impact data collection and reporting, including gathering and generating content; Facilitation & processing of all tax certificates, donation documentation, filing and acceptance with DepEd’s Adopt-a-School program.

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