Bawing Elementary School

General Santos
Students Impacted


Based in General Santos City, Bawing Elementary School has sheltered more than 3,000 students since its establishment. To the best of its abilities, the school constantly strives to utilize and maximize each classroom in support of every young child’s present and future.

However, although there is a constant flow of efforts to provide a nurturing environment, both teachers and students have encountered unfortunate struggles in getting to the school grounds itself. The distance from most students’ homes and the lack of funds for their transportation have proven to be obstacles for the children to reach Bawing Elementary School. Despite these troubles, each member of the school community remains participative and motivated as they strive for their collective and individual growth.

With a constant willingness to learn and expand their horizons, the students and teachers of Bawing Elementary School carry HOPE in their hearts to help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Impact Stories

Alongside Vita Coco, CPFI Logistics, Enrique Gomez Jr., Mark Mahilum, and Gerald Manalansan, the establishment of six new HOPE classrooms in 2014 saw an increase in enrollments at Bawing Elementary School, where over a hundred students continue learning for a holistic development. Students and teachers enhanced their overall performance and focus levels as the additional classrooms provided a safe, comfortable, well-lit and spacious environment, while simultaneously allowing the school to achieve the Department of Education’s classroom-pupil ratio of at least 15 to a maximum of 65 students per classroom. Additionally, the HOPE-donated building served a secondary function as clustered precincts for the 2022 Philippine Elections. Onwards, uplifted spirits and countless possibilities shall aid Bawing Elementary School’s journey to a brighter future through the help of HOPE and each other.

Made Possible by:

Year Built: 2014
School Principal: Eva Bualan
Contact Information:
Contractor: Dellos Design Build Services
Total Project Cost: ₱5,379,000.00

*Inclusive of construction costs and expenses related to: Project management and quality assurance including managing contractor bids and travel for on-site inspections; Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for impact data collection and reporting, including gathering and generating content; Facilitation & processing of all tax certificates, donation documentation, filing and acceptance with DepEd’s Adopt-a-School program.

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