Introducing Hope in a Coconut

In 2014, HOPE partnered with Vita Coco, the world's leading Coconut Water brand, to create the Vita Coco Project. It was founded to support the communities from where they source their coconuts.

Coconut farming communities in remote parts of the world face many challenges including weak infrastructure, outdated farming practices, and a shortage of schools.

The Vita Coco Project

Through the profits generated from the

Hope in a Coconut project, where P5 from every pack sold is donated, the team is able to support thousands of coconut farmers around the country through the following interventions: Replanting, Farmer Training, Intercropping, and Increasing Market Access.

Our goal is to increase smallholder farmer incomes so that Filipino families and communities  can prosper.

Our Agriculture Impact

Did you know that 60% of smallholder farmers in the Philippines live below the poverty line? Together with our partners, we continue our mission to help positively impact 1 million people in the coconut farming communities, creating a more prosperous future for their families

and ending the vicious cycle of poverty.

Packs Sold

Farmers Reached

Seedlings Distributed

HOPE Given

Meet Diascora Martin

Diascora Martin is a farmer from Sarangani and is one of our most successful Vita Coco Project farmers to date. In just a few short years, her income increased by 30%. In addition to harvesting coconut trees, she now plants and sells rejuvenated coffee trees and short-term vegetable crops. Thanks to the program's investment efforts she can now afford to send her 16-year old son to high school rather than keep him working on the farm. Diascora is also a fierce advocate for the program, and is often recruiting more farmers to join.

Photo Credit: Vita Coco

Diascora Martin.png
Abundo & Mimi Bacquiano.png

Meet Abundo and

Mimi Bacquiano

The Bacquiano family owns and operates a model farm in Sarangani. They welcome farmers from the region to learn new intercropping techniques and organic farming methods. As a result of the program's investments and training programs, the Bacquiano family saw a 12% increase in their annual income. Their additional income helps pay for their youngest child's college tuition, livestock, and allows the family to invest more in their farm. Mimi also invested in additional income to create a commercial organic herbs garden to sell to the community.

Photo Credit: Vita Coco

Our Partners

See the latest program updates on our Coconnect page!

HOPE is the first Philippine company to donate 100% of its profits to education through the building of public school classrooms in partnership with the Department of Education. With its flagship product, "Hope in a Bottle" water, HOPE democratizes nation-building by providing the public with easy and sustainable ways to invest in social good. HOPE continuously aims to demonstrate the power of Business For Good to make material and sustainable social impact.

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